Cleaning, exam marking and contemplation

The two tasks today have been spring-cleaning and marking exams.

Spring cleaning is something that we do traditionally at this time of the year. It’s a chore, but it can be fun. It’s important to realise that things are scruffy and that clearing them up is a good thing.
Marking exams was just one of those things which needs to be done. It earns an honest shilling and I’m good at it (though I do get bored).
And contemplation… it’s a beautiful day. I think I will go for a longish walk this evening. I’ve also realised that some pent-up anger I was feeling towards some people really served no useful purpose. Unfortunately, it was being angry about something else that made me realise this. Anger is such a useless emotion (except perhaps when it leads to immediate action). I’m not saying I’ve got rid of the feelings, but I think I am on the way to disposing of them.

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