Feeling Better, Cold Nose – Warm heart

(Sunday 25th September 2011, written same day)
I woke up at about 07:30 feeling much better. Not perfect, but much better. Shortly afterwards, I found that Boosa (the dog) knows how to open the door to my room. Sniff, sniff. Face being licked by dog. “Good morning Boosa!” The dog then left and a little while later, my landlady’s son closed my door. I think the dog wanted to “be taken for a walk”. We all went back to bed. By the time I got up an hour and a bit later, the son had gone out.
I made myself breakfast from the remains of supper. Then I settled down to working through the homework. After I had completed most of it, I went out for a walk and had lunch. This time I tried a burger place called “Carl’s” I’m going to check whether it is Russian or from somewhere else. I messed up my order, and got an extra portion of fries. These are the things you have to expect.
On my return, I got on with the rest of the homework, a fairly large piece of translation. I managed ok, but it takes me ages as my vocabulary needs to be bigger.
Once I had finished with this I started looking at a “graded reader” I have borrowed from the school. Once again, it’s a pretty substantial translation job.
My landlady’s son came back and asked me if I wanted him to make supper. Naturally I said yes. It turned out to be very good: pelmyeni (sort-of ravioli stuffed with potato and mushroom). While he was preparing the meal I had a look at my notes. I think I may have developed a slightly clearer understanding of how to use one of the aids I’ve been given. I’m not going to bother with it now, but I’m going to look at something again tomorrow. If I’m right, one of the “rules” (to do with the “Accusative case”) may have become a bit clearer.
I would like to find a way of remembering stuff more easilly (“pomnooyou”), but until that happens there is no alternative to repetition, and making up little rhymes and strange associations. I’m trying all sorts of tricks, but still struggling with recall. It it was easy everyone would be doing it!
Time to settle down for the evening.

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