Lost track of the days, and 2001…

(Friday 30th September 2011, written Saturday 1st October)
After the film on Thursday, I came home and fell asleep. I barely managed to complete the homework that I wanted to do for the next day.
At school, things are OK but I would have like to have memorised more of the “Perfective/Imperfective” pairs. I realised that I had lost track of the days. We were supposed to be going on a trip on the River Ob on Saturday. Unfortunately that has been cancelled, but I signed up for the substitute “Tour of Historic Novosibirsk”.
In the evening to unwind, I borrowed a film from the Landlady’s bookshelf. “2001: A Space Odyssey“, with Russian subtitles. If ever there was a film which doesn’t rely on dialogue, 2001 is certainly one. Released in 1968 I think. Actually I would have preferred it dubbed into Russian, with English subtitles. There was a surreal moment, near the beginning in the space station, when the American “investigator” meets a group of Russians, including one played by Leonard Rossiter. After the American leaves, Rossiter’s character says a few words in Russian (“It’s very difficult…”, I think). I found that I understood the gist of what he said. I expect that Rossiter didn’t understand himself, but just learned the few words from a coach.
After that, I settled down to sleep early, and slept like a log!

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