On call, waiting for the phone to ring

My current situation is “betwixt and between”. One task has come to an end a little sooner than anyone involved expected (so I’m looking for other opportunities). Another project is coming to a close. I’m not directly involved, but I’ve been asked to remain available, just in case they want me for something. This is a minor problem, because it means that I should (and will) avoid driving anywhere.
While I’ve been waiting I’ve re-typed and edited a couple of hypnotherapy scripts. The process was good for me because I surprised myself by remembering substantial parts without reading them (the good old unconscious mind doing its stuff). It was also interesting to review the structure of the scripts and notice how the suggestions they convey are built up, repeated and presented in different ways. One demonstrated some interesting use of; past, present and future which I had not noticed before.
And now, having had a brief rest and looked out of the window for a few minutes, I’m going to get on with something else.

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