Teeth, a computer and an afternoon nap

(Monday 10th October 2011, written same day)
The day didn’t start all that well. A crown came off one of my teeth. There was nothing to be done but go to the dentist. Fortunately the dentist “fitted me in” and the crown was soon reattached. She suggested that I consider having two crowns replaced by a bridge, to replace a missing tooth and give the two teeth affected more support. I’ll think about that when I get back to Ireland.
After the dentist, I phoned Andy (who I’d met in the pub last night). The eMail on his computer had stopped talking to the server. He has two eMail accounts. One of these is Hotmail, which is I have always found a little awkard. I managed to re-establish contact by installing an update to something required for Hotmail and re-entering the credentials for the two accounts. Everything worked fine.
I wandered home to Ashford and went back to bed. The travel, the time difference and the lack of sleep are still taking their toll.
At 16:00 I was awakened by a phone call from Andy, to tell me that his eMail was no longer working. I gave him some suggestions, but I will have to go and look at that again. Something odd has happened there, because I do not think anything he says he has been doing should have made any difference to his email.
Spent a little time in the early evening reviewing what I had learned in Russia.

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