(Monday 2nd July 2012 – Evening)
Why do people like things? Why do I like the things I like?

I’m sitting looking out of the window across a beach. The sand is covered by very shallow water, which reflects the grey of the sky. Because it is more sand than water, the water on the beach is completely still. Further out I can see the boundary where the beach ends and the sea begins. There the light grey of the beach becomes a darker blue-grey. The whole scene seems to be composed of shades of grey: pewter, dove-grey, battleship-grey, blue…

I like being near water. I like lakes and rivers and I especially like being near the sea. I find the being near water relaxing. I like the colours people associate with water. Right now, I’m on vacation and I’m concentrating on doing very little. I’m simply relaxing, going with the flow, drifting (two water related metaphors there). It’s very pleasant.

(a little later)
The scene has changed. I’m sitting in the same chair. The beach has dried a little and the scene now contains more brown shades. The sea is now a deep, blue-grey and the sky above dull grey. Close to the boundary between the sand and the sea I can see two tiny figures. With the aid of binoculars I can just make out that they have fishing rods.

I just thought: I wonder what the phase of the moon is? I wonder because, the sea is an awful long way out. Obviously it’s low tide, but is it a Spring low? I think it must be, that would make the phase of the moon either New, or Full. If I think, and the sky is clear enough, I’ll look up in the sky tonight.

Someone is almost bound to suggest looking it up on the internet. Unfortunately, the internet connection isn’t working properly at the moment, so this is being written on Monday evening, but may not be posted until some time in the future.

(later still)
At the boundary between the sea and the beach I can see a flock of white sea-birds on the ground. They are moving around and from time to time some of them fly into the air and then land again. It gives that area a sparkling effect.

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