Why bother learning SQL?

Why would anyone want to learn a 35 year old programming language? Especially if the language we are talking about was originally intended to be written in ugly CAPITAL LETTERS and moreover tries to make you think in a funny way?

If the language in question is SQL (Structured Query Language), then I think almost anyone who is involved in IT systems should at least consider investing a little time gaining a basic understanding, because SQL databases are at the heart of many commercial systems.

Understanding even a little about what SQL is and how it works and the terminology it uses will enable you to communicate much more effectively with the other members of the development team. Even a little knowledge will give you an appreciation of what SQL databases are good for, what their limitations are and how they compare with other technologies. It doesn’t really matter, whether you start from a programming background or not, because at its heart SQL is really rather simple.

A little while ago, I wrote a course which teaches these basics. It teaches the principles of Relational Databases and the SQL language. Although it is intended for “Analysts”, what it teaches will be useful to programmers or those who are just interested in how systems work.

This course is suitable for a novice. I start by explaining how Relational Databases relate to your experience in the everyday world. When you have completed the course and exercises you will have created a database containing several related tables, updated the data they contain and written many queries which extract and summarise that data.

I teach using a mixture of lectures, demonstrations and exercises. You will learn by seeing, hearing and doing. With each step you build your knowledge using what you have learned already. An on-line course sets you free to work at your own pace and to review and revisit earlier material, even after you have completed the course.
If I’ve got your interest, then I’ve included links so you can purchase the course at a substantial discount. Go on, have a look now! It’s all supported by an 30 day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee too.

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SQL and Database for Analysts – 75% Off


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