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Tom Gillies - Business Analyst
Tom Gillies – Business Analyst

Hello! I’m Tom Gillies and I am a Business Analyst and Engineer. I work with ideas, concepts and numbers, but especially with people. My objective is “Making sense of Information Technology”. That often means structuring what business people want in a formal way so that it can be used as “the requirements” for IT systems, but it also works the other way, explaining how systems influence the business. I aim to understand real business problems and develop practical solutions.


What You Can Expect to Find Here

Topics I find interesting are:

  • Techniques for describing what a system needs to do:
    • Use Cases
    • Process Models
    • Data Models
  • Databases: Especially Relational Databases and Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Analysing Business Data
  • Detecting and dealing with problems in data

Online Learning

I love learning! I hope you do too. I like teaching and I create Video Courses. Maybe you are interested in Business Analysis related Training.

Logos for SQL Scope Problem Determination Courses
Logos for 3 Courses

Grey Geek’s Eyes

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Can I can help you?

If you want to ask me about a course, think I may be able to assist you with a project, or think I can help you in some other way, then please get get in touch through the Contact Page.