Does it get any better than this? – Count your curses!

(Written off-line on 3rd July 2010 and added after the event.)

Hint. Only do this if you are feeling pretty confident already!

Today is the first, or maybe the second (depending count) day of my holiday this year. Some things have gone well. Some things have gone less well. It’s 11 o’clock in the evening, and I thought I would review the day. Being in a slightly perverse frame of mind, I thought I would look at the things that are not as I would wish them to be:
1) The lock on the tail-gate of my newly purchased car is not working as it should. This gave me an unpleasant surprise when I found it would not remain closed, never mind lock!
2) We arrived too early at the holiday cottage we had booked.
3) When we eventually got in: we found that the cottage does not have a microwave in the kitchen.
4) … in some places the beams are so low that my head brushes them (and I’m not over average height).
5) The batteries in both my hearing aids decide to give out when I was out this evening.
6) The vilage has only three pubs!
There, I’ve got that off my chest. It’s a reasonably short list…

Let’s address them one my one…
1) This is a nuisance, but within a few minutes of realising that there was a problem, I had identified a temporary work-around. A few minutes later, my host had shown me how to make the lock work for the duration of my holiday. The problem can be fixed when I get back to base and I talk with the people who supplied me with the car. (and it isn’t a problem they would have known about anyway.)
2) … so we went and had a look at Cardigan, which is a wonderful town. My wife did some “essentials” shopping and I found two interesting places to eat while she was doing that.
3) … so we’ll (maybe even I’ll) have to re-learn how to cook!
4) … and it oozes character. My wife thinks it is marvelous, and so do I!
5) … and I’ve just changed them …
6) … and there isn’t a dud among them. In fact, it was a quiet night (odd for a Saturday) so I was able to talk with some of the locals. The beer is good too.

Now on the positive side:
*) The village (Cilgerran) has several things which I find really pleasant: It has a castle (pictures, more pictures), and I took a walk down by the river, and then I persuaded the family to come down there as well.
*) The cottage is growing on me already. I shall spend a little time working out how it has developed over the years. Definitely 100 years old, the question is how much more?
*) The garden is great…
*) …and there are bats! Great!
*) …and the pubs are really, REALLY good (if you want a quiet drink).
*) …and there are Ordnance survey maps of the area in the cottage
So I’m really looking forward to tomorrow!

Q: Does it get any better than this? A: It could, but not much.

Hope you are well. Having great time in Wales. Love, OB!