At last the rain has stopped

At long last the rain has stopped. It’s Sunday afternoon, I’ve had lunch, though not done the washing-up, and mowed the lawn. We’re ready for the summer now.

One minor irritation occurred while I was mowing the lawn. The oil filler cap on the lawnmower engine came loose and spilled oil on the outside of the engine. It was a bit messy, but no harm has been done. I checked the oil level and it is still above the minimum. I was planning to change the oil anyway, so now I have a further reason to do it.

Even thought it hasn’t rained all day, the atmosphere still feels humid. I hope that doesn’t mean that it is going to rain again, because I would like to walk down to the pub this evening. Talking of the pub, I’ve just been down to town in the car to fill up with diesel and get a new can of petrol for the lawnmower. I should have bought a bottle of oil at the same time but I forgot. There’s no urgent need to change the oil, but it would be good to get it out of the way.

On the way down to town I say Benjy my neighbour walking, so I stopped to give him a lift. That’s another reason for hoping it doesn’t rain, he didn’t have a coat.

A thought: Don’t hoard negative emotions

Have you ever thought of your mind as being like the boot of your car?

You must have been told from time to time to clear out the boot of your car, because the weight you carry around in there costs you money in fuel that you burn to no purpose. I don’t mean the weight of the atlas, or the car-jack, or the spare tyre (which after all, you might need), but: the half of a pair of trainers, the discarded wrapping, the stuff you were taking to the dump but got distracted by something else.

Now think about your mind. What are you carrying around that you don’t need? Not factual memory: that doesn’t weight much, no more that a note in the atlas “I was in ‘Somewhere-or-another’ in June 2012”; or the positive memories, which are more like fuel than dead-weight; but the negative emotions.

Even if you feel you are fully in control of yourself, wouldn’t it be more “fuel efficient” to leave some of the junk behind?

Still bats

I’m pleased to report that I still have bats around my house. I saw a couple at the weekend, and I went out this evening and saw another couple. When I’ve finished writing this, I’ll go out and have another look, now that it is fully dark. I don’t know if they are roosting in the trees or somewhere in the house. If it is the house, then it must be the roof but I have no idea where.