A new toy – “sat-nav”

It’s Father’s Day today. My wife and children gave me a “Sat-Nav”. It’s nice to receive a gift, and this one will be useful for the summer holiday. Personally, I like to review my route before I set out, and I will continue to do that, but this piece of technology will make the navigation en-route simpler and less stressful for everyone.

I couldn’t resist taking it out this afternoon and seeing if it could cope with the minor roads around where I live. It passed pretty well. If it had a route then it detected that I had “gone off track” almost immediately. That’s good, because that’s always a problem. I did manage to confuse it when it wasn’t actually following a course and I turned up a bohereen (minor road) which it didn’t recogise. I think that has to almost count as cheating on my part.

I’m looking forward to the vacation. I hope the sat-nav will play it’s part in getting us there and back safely.

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