Tom GilliesHello! I’m pleased to meet you. I’m Tom Gillies. I describe myself as a “Business Analyst”, or an “Engineer”. I’m interested in understanding business problems and coming up with practical solutions.

When the opportunity presents itself I work as a Business Analyst and I also create training courses. My courses and the posts on this site reflect my interests.

I spent many years working for IBM. It was a wonderful opportunity for personal growth. My customers have been large and small. I have worked for government departments, blue-chip corporations and start-ups.

I have a degree in Chemical Engineering. My first job was with British Steel. After that, I moved to designing boilers, gasification plant and nuclear equipment for Foster Wheeler, and then I joined IBM UK.

I live in rural Ireland. I am interested in Autism, Motorcycles and the Russian Language. If you think I can help you with something, or just want to talk, then please get in touch through the Contact Page. I look forward to hearing from you!