“Afonia”, a Soviet slant on “Alfie”?

(Thursday 29th September 2011, written Saturday 1st October)
Work continues. It’s relentless. I find it interesting. but it’s hard to describe except there are lots of exercises. I certainly understand Russian a lot better than I did. I find written easier than spoken, but that isn’t surprising.
In the evening I watched a film called “Afonia” (1975). It’s about a plumber who is a bit of a rogue, but by the end of the film it looks like he might be settling down.
It was described to me as “an industrial drama”. I would describe it as more light-hearted than drama. As I was watching it I thought that the leading man looked a little like Michael Caine, and that there might be some parallels with the plot of “Alfie” (1966).
It is definately nowhere near as hard hitting as “Alfie”. I still am wondering if there is some connection. The name of the film, and the dates, make it possible that the producers of “Afonia” were trying to make an oblique reference to “Alfie”.

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