Almost my first video on Youtube

Sometimes things don’t go quite as I intend. A little while ago, someone approached me with a potential project. Unfortunately I was too busy at the time to take it on.

The idea had tickled my fancy. It bubbled away in the back of my mind and as I had odd moments I created bits of it, as what I would describe as a proof of concept. It was a useful exercise in that it has reminded me of a few things, taught me some things about what Microsoft Access is good at and some things it is not so good at. Inevitably, there are some things I would do differently if I did it again. That’s all right, because after all it was only a proof of concept, and there was no real input in the form of “requirements” anyway.

Having produced the thing, then I wanted to show it to an acquaintance. I messed about with a few things and after a couple of iterations, produced this:
SOPAG – A simple Access Application

Having produced the video, and decided to write a “business related blog” it seemed appropriate to share it here.

I wouldn’t claim either SOPAG, or the video are marvelous, but I’ve learned a lot from both of them. In fact, I have set up a little project to take them both a little further.

But that is for the next instalment!

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