At last the rain has stopped

At long last the rain has stopped. It’s Sunday afternoon, I’ve had lunch, though not done the washing-up,¬†and mowed the lawn. We’re ready for the summer now.

One minor irritation occurred while I was mowing the lawn. The oil filler cap on the lawnmower engine came loose and spilled oil on the outside of the engine. It was a bit messy, but no harm has been done. I checked the oil level and it is still above the minimum. I was planning to change the oil anyway, so now I have a further reason to do it.

Even thought it hasn’t rained all day, the atmosphere still feels humid. I hope that doesn’t mean that it is going to rain again, because I would like to walk down to the pub this evening. Talking of the pub, I’ve just been down to town in the car to fill up with diesel and get a new can of petrol for the lawnmower. I should have bought a bottle of oil at the same time but I forgot. There’s no urgent need to change the oil, but it would be good to get it out of the way.

On the way down to town I say Benjy my neighbour walking, so I stopped to give him a lift. That’s another reason for hoping it doesn’t rain, he didn’t have a coat.

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