Church, Oyster, visiting, recovering

(Sunday 9th October 2011, written Monday 10th October)
Went to church this morning. The first hymn had the same number as my flight number into London the previous day. Coincidence can be strange.
After the service, I had lunch in a cafe in Feltham. Then I took the train to visit friends in Brentford. Something minor went wrong a the barrier at Feltham Station. Fortunately there were staff there. They checked my Oyster card and said that the machine had taken money from my card, but the barrier had not let me through. None of us understood what had happened, but it didn’t matter because they let me through anyway.
It is nice to visit friends. I spent the afternoon in Brentford and then was given a lift back to Ashford.
In the evening I went to “The Shoes”. Once again it was good to meet people who I hadn’t seen for a while.

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