Does it get better than this?

Well, maybe not. I’m sure I have been much more excited, but right now I feel very peaceful.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve completed a pretty substantial change in my life. I think most people would describe moving ones home from one country to another “substantial change”! I feel much less unsettled than I expected. The weather since I arrived has been unexpectedly settled and hot… and then this evening it rained briefly. The air smells fresh and green with that “after the rain” smell.

The sun has set. I’m sure I saw a bat flit across my field of vision a few moments ago. It’s often hard to me sure with bats. They have a peculiar ephemeral property. There are clouds in the sky and from time to time the (full) moon is revealed, and then hidden.

The past seems to have faded, and be fading further. Right now I’m going back to reading my book (News from Tartary), a great travel book, by an interesting man, also describing an intersting woman.

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