Everything changes: It only hurts when I laugh (or cough or sneeze)!

Oh dear woe is me (but it is funny, providing you are not me). For several years I have had what my doctor describes as an “umbilical hernia”. It hasn’t troubled me, and apart from making me take care when doing certain things it hasn’t inconvenienced me that much.

I’ve got a slight cold and yesterday I sneezed (loudly). Anyone who knows me, knows that I sneeze very loudly, almost violently. It’s something I can do nothing about, and which I seem to have inherited from my Father (who also sneezed loudly). Anyway, one sneeze seems to have undone years of care – now I’m in pain, and after a sleepless night, I visited the doctor today. “I’m afraid you need surgery”, he said; “nothing to worry about”, he reassured me. Well, I am reassured, I’m not worried, but I am in a little discomfort, and waiting for a secretary to ring me back about an appointment with a specialist. All because of one sneeze!
Regarding the title; it hurts all the time, but it hurts more when I laugh, or cough or sneeze.

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