Laundry, sightseeing in the mist, and a change in the weather

Today we went to a launderette to do a week’s laundry. We went to Rosyth as there is not washing machine in the cottage. I found out later that one of the dry cleaning shops in Burntisland takes in service washes. The sat-nav made finding the place again a piece of cake.

The laundry took a little time, and while it was finishing we had lunch in a little cafe. Noreen was a bit dubious about it, but I thought it was pretty reasonable for the kind of place that it was.

I asked Noreen where she wanted to go. She didn’t know, so I suggested going to look at the Forth (railway) Bridge. Initially I said “South Queensferry” but then changed my mind to “North”. We found it without any difficulty. The bridge is impressive, but was concealed by the “Harr” (sea mist). At this time of year the harr feels strange. Not cold as you would expect, but warm and damp at the same time. To me it felt a little like being in a luke-warm turkish bath. Quite suddenly the mist started to clear, and we could see the top of the bridge structure.

Since returning home I have been to town and back, prepared tea (poached egg on toast, followed by a doughnut) and tea has been eaten. In the meanwhile the weather has turned quite nice. Both the sky and sea are blue. It’s nice and warm.

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