Minor Miracles

It’s always nice when something goes right. Take a moment to enjoy it.

In my case I have been doing some research on the career of a missionary 150 years ago in Fiji. Just think about that for a moment…

With a little help from the Fijian High Commission in London and a couple (I’m now not sure if they are in Fiji or Australia) I’ve located a letter by the man himself, published in an Australian newspaper (and apparently “The Times”) 135 years ago. I have the text of the letter. Isn’t that amazing!

Here’s the letter from Nettleton (the missionary) (I’m the anonomous editor):

Letter from Joseph Nettleton to Sydney Morning Herarld 1873

(The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 – 1954) Sat 13 Sep 1873,
Quoting from the London Times)

One thought on “Minor Miracles”

  1. Unfortunately the letter from Nettleton has been a victim of “Link rot” and is no longer found. I have the text somewhere in my own archives but now I wish I had given a more complete citation here.

    After a few minutes of searching, I’ve found the citation, I’ve updated the post to show the current (30th June 2018) link and added an extract of the original text.

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