Planning changes – and a white field of view

It’s happened at last. The end is in sight. I can see the objective (metaphorically) but I can’t see that far into the distance (literally).

I’m writing this looking out of my patio doors across the garden in the direction of the other side of the valley. The ground is covered with a light dusting of snow (not more than half-an-inch or 1 cm) and there some fog which limits visibility to 100 yards or so. Sometimes in the fog I can see the ghosts or shadows of trees. According to the digital thermometer, the temperature outside is just below freezing. I slightly distrust an instrument which declares “-0.5 degrees C”, but I’m sure it’s right, at least within the limits of its own accuracy and the location of the sensor.

I’m now in Ireland and planning to remain here. I have been persuaded to retire from full-time employment, so there is no longer any real need to base myself in the UK. I need to return there in the New Year to tidy up some “loose ends” but after that I will be in Ireland (unless of course I decide to travel elsewhere! 😉 ). The tidying up will be very literal and practical. I have a house which I have effectively moved out of, but which still contains remnants of my possessions, and just plain junk.

The prospect of impending “retirement” is both challenging and liberating. Challenging; because it represents a major change in my life, and a change in income. I shall have to watch the pennies for a while. Liberating; because I have exchanged money for time, less money (or less certain money) but the freedom to use time as I choose. The question I’m working with, is: “What to do next?”. As if as a omen, the fog has cleared, and I can see the other side of the valley. The sky is blue, even if a little snow is falling. Somehow everything looks brighter. A plain white canvas on which to write or draw something new!

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