Preventing Scope Creep

Have you ever encountered “Scope Creep”? You know what I mean, You will have heard Project Managers complain about “Scope Creep”, Scope creep is when the “To-Do list” keeps growing, especially when it grows faster than we are completing the tasks.

I expect we can all agree that projects work better when: we know what we need to achieve, the scope is fixed, we are not being given extra things to do and the Project Manager and team are not constantly having argue against “things being added”. A clear project scope is one way of combating scope creep.

I have seen the start of a lot of projects! Everyone wants to get a project off to a good start, but Analysis and Requirements projects are notoriously difficult to define. We all want to get started, we know we need a clear definition, but we don’t want to get bogged down in endless discussions about exactly what is included and what isn’t.

I’ve written a course which teaches a technique I have used to define the boundaries of all sorts of things. I’ve used it as an individual, with a team and with larger groups. I have found it useful. I think you will too.

An analysis project may not start with clear boundaries. If “A clear scope makes for a sound project”, how do we define that scope without performing the analysis? This course shows you how to do just that!

I teach using a mixture of lectures and exercises. You will learn by seeing, hearing and doing. With each step you build your knowledge using what you have learned already. An on-line course sets you free to work at your own pace and to review and revisit earlier material, even after you have completed the course.

If I’ve got your interest, then I’ve included links so you can purchase the course at a substantial discount. Go on, have a look now! It’s all supported by an 30 day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee too.

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Scope Workshop Course – 50% Off!


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