“Sarf of the River” and (Both) “End(s) of the Line”

(Sunday 2nd October 2011 written same day)
It turns out I slept through supper last night! Still, the rest must have done me good. Breakfast this morning was good. For “Porridge” substitute “Rice Pudding”. It’s still nourishing!
My landlady tells me that the weather we we’re experiencing is unusual. She says I have been very lucky. She also assures me that the first snow will come before the end of October. With that warning ringing in my ears, once I’d done the homework, I decided to explore some new bits of the city.
First stop was supposed to be another look at the “Birch Bark Museum”. Unfortunately it is closed on Sundays, so I’ll try to fit that in another afternoon. I paused to take a picture of a building I found interesting. Then I walked to “Oktoberskya Metro Station”. On the way I crossed a large arterial road. Metro stations are pretty well signposted with a large red “M”, like the ones in Paris.

Catching the train was no problem. A metro ride costs 15 roubles (0.38 Euro) any distance. I had a couple of minutes problem with the ticket machine, but soon worked it out. The metro stations here aren’t palatial like the ones in Moscow, but they are clean. If London Underground decoration favours glazed ceramic tiles, then Novosibirsk Metro decoration seems to favour marble and terrazzo.
I went to the southern end of the Lenin Line, which ends at Karl Marx square. The area south (east) of the River Ob is more industrial and considered a little rougher. Karl Marx Square looked OK to me, but I didn’t venture into the industrial areas. The square itself has formal gardens

and an imposing statue of:

“Александр Иванович Покрышкин
Alexander Ivanovich Pokryshkin
Hero of the Soviet Union
Marshal Of the Airforce”

He’s worth reading about.

From Karl Marx Square I took the Metro to the North end of the line at “Zaeltsovskaya”.

Wandered home, buying some provisions (like beer!) along the way.
(Blog Post updated to include pictures directly, rather than as links. 17th November 2015)

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