Now that’s what I call secure!

(27th September 2011 – Not about any particular day)
The front door to our flat is impressive. Comparing notes (and keys) with the other students, the locks at least seem to be pretty typical. I don’t know if Russians are particularly security conscious, or if there is a real, or perceived problem with burglary, but it seems most Russian flats have good locks on the front door.
You need three keys to enter my flat. To get into the building where I live you use a “button” key, which you touch to a socket on the intercom. I don’t know how it works. I would be surprised it it was particularly secure, but it is only intended to protect the stairwell. This building front door looks like it was replaced fairly recently. There is an inner door which isn’t locked. Once upon a time, I don’t suppose the outer door was locked either.

The front door to my flat is pretty impressive. I think it would do justice to a small provincial bank! The door is made of steel and is fitted to a steel frame. I expect the frame is securely fastened to the building. The door opens outward and has hinge bolts. It is secured by a two stage lock. If you are “just popping out for a minute”, then there is a night small key. Even this has more positions than the equivalent English lock. If you are really going out, then you use the larger key which operates a number of bolts, integral to the door, on the lock side (I think I counted 5) and the top. You then lock the lock with the small key! Hmm. I think that is secure. I believe some flats have an inner door whose purpose is to keep any draughts out. The space between the two doors is used for shoes and coats.

While we’re in the hallway, the internet here has not been completely reliable. I’m not sure if this is the cause, but there is a junction box on the landing which has loads of wires hanging out of it. My untrained eye can identify; coaxial, “cat something-or-another twisted pair” and flat speaker cable, all associated with the same box. In this case I really do “know nothing”. I’m leaving well alone!

(Blog Post updated to include pictures directly, rather than as links. 17th November 2015)

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